A Portfolio of Track Work Solutions


Track Work Solutions use of local earth assists our trails to meld with the surroundings, reduces transportation of materials and minimises the adverse effects that imported products of differing aesthetic, textural, water holding or chemical properties can have.

  • TWS track surfaces are typically constructed from crushed rock with a clay bonding agent, tamped to create a durable surface.
  • Our choice of materials and techniques depend on the contract brief, remoteness of the location and the availability of local materials.
  • If appropriate, we construct track surfaces using soil, gravel, sand, termite mounds and clay from the site or the locality.

Our work at Bicentennial Park at Hobart displays our expertise and commitment to our ethos.


Track Work Solutions has a reputation for quality stonework. We maintain high standards of craftsmanship and take immense pride in our accomplishments. We produce results that often exceed the expectations of our National Parks and Local Council clients.

  • TWS designs to reduce the intrusion of the track into the landscape by accounting for features such as the size, alignment and strike of natural outcrops or formations on the site.
  • We use dry stone techniques to create durable structures such as retaining walls, edging, steps, water bars, bridges and paved surfaces that are visually appealing solutions to practical necessities.
  • We employ heavy rock construction where appropriate using a combination of hand winches, block and tackle and pulleys to precisely relocate rocks weighing over a tonne with minimal environmental disturbance.

Our work at Devils Gullet in Mole Creek National Park Tasmania demonstrates our meticulous design and construction.


Track Work Solutions has developed expertise in the use of raw, sawn and milled wood in the construction of our walking tracks. Our utilisation of wood in construction includes boardwalks, raised walkways, steps, foot bridges and platforms.

  • In keeping with our ethos of sustainability, TWS use materials in ways that work with and enhance the local environs.
  • Whenever possible, we salvage native timber such as celery top pine and king billy pine from the site or from local forestry operation waste.
  • We utilise chainsaw mills to construct boardwalks other infrastructure to Parks standards.
  • Where dictated by local circumstances or mandated by contract requirement we use other materials such as treated pine, steel products or synthetics in construction.

Our work at Frenchmans Cap in Franklin – Gordon Wild Rivers National Park Tasmania showcases the versatility of our workers in even the remotest environments. 

The skill we possess, the care we take, the pride we have in our work is reflected in the quality tracks we build.